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It sure is Hot!! August 3, 2006

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They’re forecasting record-breaking temps for Washington, DC, and environs. All the utilities are asking folks to curtail their energy (air conditioning) use. Appearantly, nobody remembers the energy crisis of the mid-70’s when we had lines at the gas pumps. We also forgot that our thermostats were set lower (67° or 68°) in the winter and higher (75° or 76°) in the summer. Home owners and businesses saved both money and energy. With a president whining about our addiction to oil (while he signs energy laws that maintain the status quo), why don’t business owners turn up the heat and turn down the A/C?

On a related note, I did my military service in North Texas from 1969 to 1973. As I remember, my barracks was air conditioned. The cooling unit kept the inside temp at about 75° as long as the outside temp was below 80°. The inside temp went up slowly as the outside temp approached 100°. Whenever the outside temp was above 100°, the inside was 20° less. An interesting approaching to air conditioning. If it’s 110 outside, then 90 inside will feel pretty nice. I wonder if the barracks air conditioner really was set up this way or if this is just a creative memory.