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Our experience with Travelocity #2 September 6, 2006

Posted by hamcoder in Bad Customer Service, Reservations, Travel.

Here’s the next chapter in the tale of woe about customer dis-service.

Sep 6, 2006
The reversal still hasn’t showed up on the credit card account, so I called Travelocity. Same computer. Same meaningless guarantee.

The menus were even simpler this time because “You’ve already started your trip”. The trip was Aug 26 and 27 – out to KC and back. The computer must think we’re still on the road. This time I talked with TL2 (Travelocity Lady #2).

TL2 had some difficulty finding my booking. More episodes of “Can I put you on hold for just two minutes?” I wonder how many customers say “No”? TL2 also had difficulty finding the reversal transaction. Finally, after 20 minutes on the phone, she tells me that the reversal has never been submitted (That explains why she had trouble finding it.) and that it will be 30 more days before I get the refund. At this point, I told her that was absolutely not good enough. She refused to do any better so I asked to talk with her supervisor.

23 minutes into the call, I ask to speak with the supervisor. 5 minutes later, TS3 (Travelocity Supervisor #3 – also assumed to be a lady) comes on the line.

TL2 and TS3 must not be on speaking terms with each other because TS3 tried to start at the beginning. I interrupted her and gave her the short version of the story. She put me on hold twice “for just two minutes” – once for 5 minutes and once for 7. These ladies sure have a great job. They only deal with a customer for a few seconds and then get to take a break. If they’re working from home, they can use the break to move a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer or to fold a few sheets. In 7 minutes they could iron a shirt. These ladies have it made! How many housewives, or househusbands, do you know that get paid to do their own laundry and ironing? Anyway, back to my story.

The best that TS3 could do was 7-10 business days. I couldn’t get her to budge. Of course, there is nothing I can do. If TS3 ‘forgets’ to submit the reversal, I can??? Fire her? Throw a hissy fit? I’m stuck; all I can do is wait 7-10 business days.

That’s how we left it; I’ll let the blog know how it goes. By the way, I spend 50 minutes on this phone call; my phone has a sexy call timer on it.



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