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Our experience with Travelocity #3 September 14, 2006

Posted by hamcoder in Bad Customer Service, Reservations, Travel.

Well, this morning the refund showed up on the online statement for the credit card – only 6 business days after the second phone call. So the incident is closed.

Travelocity refunded the entire price of the canceled trip. Somehow, it doesn’t seem like enough. If this were due to my error or to something unforseen (illness/death in the family or Katrina-type weather), then I would feel differently. But this was entirely Travelocity’s fault and I feel like I deserve some compensation for the amount of time I had to spend on the phone and monitoring my credit card activity. A trip to wherever, booked and organized by Travelocity, is not a compensation.

There is one area small satisfaction: Instead of telling my friends to be wary of Travelocity and to avoid doing business with them, the internet allows me to share my story with gazillions of people I’ll never even meet.

One more thing about Travelocity and I’ll drop the subject. Travelocity sent me an e-mail asking how the trip went. They asked questions and had links for …

  • Let us know how everything went…
  • Share your thoughts on the hotel you stayed at…
  • Share your thoughts on the cruise you took…

All three links take you to different places on the web to answer survey questions. The hotel site asked about a hotel in Alabama – remember that our travel plans took us to Kansas City.

I went into this experience with high hopes and low expectations. Now I have little hope and much lower expectations.



1. marley04 - November 12, 2009

just booked 1st trip with travelocity, haven’t even left yet & so disgusted with the service we’ve received. agent booking the trip had absolutely NO knowledge about Disney world. aAgent said he called the resort to make a request for us—-NO record of the call nor request!! Better rates available through the resort. In fact, we paid 10% MORE by booking through Travelocity. BUYER BEWARE! next time I must be more careful!!! the resort was not avail thru disney because these AGENTS have purchased blocks of rooms & make them avail at a higher rate than the resort itself. SO much for trying to take family on a nice trip on a budget. we’ve been SCAMMED

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