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An Unexpected Reminder July 22, 2009

Posted by hamcoder in Computers.

I got an unexpected reminder this morning.  An item from my youth that reminds me that I’m getting older and that I’m still a pack rat, rarely discarding anything that may, possibly, probably not, be useful at some undetermined time in the future.

Like most people, I use company-supplied folders for any company papers I need to carry.  If I need to carry any personal papers I use my own folders.  Sometimes I have two or three personal folders in my brief case.  I’ve recycled these folders for years – mostly because I’m cheap frugal rather than overly pro-environment.  I have reused some of my folders so often that the labels stuck on the tab are as thick as of a piece of 2×4.  Of course, when the outside of a folder gets too dirty, the folder gets turned inside-out so it looks new again.

This morning I started to check some hobby data.  So I took the folder from my briefcase.  I laid it face down – so that the back of the tab was visible.

I wondered what is that writing on the tab?

Computers 311
R. J. Thomas

WOW!!! This folder is old – over 40 years old!!!  Computers 311 was my first computer class in college; R. J. Thomas was the professor.  That class is where it all started.  That class is where I got bitten by the computer bug; and I still haven’t found a cure for the disease.

If you’re interested in the details … The language was GOTRAN, which is a subset of FORTRAN.  We used an IBM 1620 computer which had 16K of core memory, a card reader/punch, an IBM Selectric™ typewriter, and a disk drive with 1 removable disk pack.

And that’s My 2 Cents Worth.



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